Hexagon Blue - part music project, part indie dev team.

Three friends who make games.

Hugo @onedarkbird, Ben @calicoreverie & Alex @alxalxalx.

A time machine emits an ominous red glow behind the Unloop logo. Below that are the words 'TIME TO GO BACK'.


It is said time is a flat circle - and we perceive time like a needle on a record, that everything that can happen has happened already. Two scientists hope they have found a way to lift the needle, and light the way in these dark, dark times...

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A small spacecraft flies towards a swirling mysterious nebula. The words ‘POINT OF NO RETURN’ appear at the bottom.

Point Of No Return

You've just awoken from stasis. Protocol states that you must complete reorientation tests. Your ship's AI must determine if the long sleep has had any physiological or psychological impact. Answer honestly. Answer carefully.

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You can barely make out the shape of a space suit. Could there be someone inside the suit? The logo for Where Others Lie faintly sits on top of the image.

Where Others Lie

Work with your team to log, track and catalogue this new world – but why are your new crewmates so cagey around you? What are they hiding? Sometimes we fear what we cannot see... ...sometimes we are right to.

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The cast of characters are displayed above a spacecraft with the words ‘HOW TO BUILD A PLANET’ at the bottom.

How To Build A Planet

It is the year 108 PR (Post-religion). A group of scientists arrive at a new planet, hoping to make it a home. They may have left their world behind, but old rivalries remain.

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