Hello! We are Hexagon Blue: Part music project, part Game studio.

Although first formed by Alex and Ben in 2015 to create a Sci-Fi Album / Game called ‘Point Of No Return’ (teaser available at http://www.point-of-no-return.com, full game later in 2017) we didn’t find our final form until adding Hugo in early 2017 to make point & click time travel adventure game ‘Unloop’ for a 10 day Game Jam (https://hexagonblue.itch.io/unloop).

Our aim is to create diversions by subversion, which is just a fancy way of saying we want to make cool stuff.

Thanks for playing, and let us know what you thought! Unless of course you haven’t played anything yet, in which case – don’t accept the thanks just yet – go and play one of the games and then come back, accept the thanks, and let us know what you thought x